Criminal Screening Services

Identity Checks

Social Security Number (SSN) verification is the most efficient way to verify your applicant’s identity. Our Identity Check validates that the applicant’s name matches the provided SSN and includes a trace of all associated addresses and aliases over the past seven years. Based on this information, I.D. Verify searches relevant court jurisdictions for the same time period depending on the selected package insuring that you uncover the maximum number of potential criminal records.

Criminal Record Searches


The best criminal background checks include a Sex Offender Registry Check. I.D. Verify’s multi-state search provides broad coverage so that you don’t miss important sex offender data from non-resident states. The data returned includes date of registration and current status.


I.D. Verify performs direct searches of county court records for different industries and companies of all sizes. This search is part of the baseline for establishing due diligence. County criminal background investigation results include felony and misdemeanor criminal cases as well as charges, disposition, dates and sentencing information. It’s important to ask your provider how many names and counties your selected search includes.


Every state maintains a repository of its criminal records. Because of varying state laws, access to some repositories is difficult requiring high fees, notarized consents or even fingerprints other provide relatively easy and complete access. It is important to to assess the best access method for your needs.


This is a multi-jurisdictional background search that scours over 30 million records including court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records and other proprietary sources. Utilizing proprietary probability scoring methods, more records are located despite misspellings, punctuation, transposition and applicant fraud. It is an excellent ‘lead source’ for records to be searched at the county level because it reveals summary case information. It must be run concurrent with the county criminal records search to ensure FCRA compliance.


This search is part of the baseline for establishing due diligence for any high risk positions and is run concurrent with the county criminal records check. Results return violations of federal law including tax evasion, identity theft, kidnapping and interstate drug trafficking.


This check makes it easy to comply with the USA Patriot Act by searching known domestic and international terrorist watchlists as well as the records of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Excluded Parties List (EPL) and additional domestic and international agency lists.


This check provides access to Superior (upper) and Municipal (lower) courts for civil records, as well as those presided over by the federal district court system.


How long do criminal background checks take?

Each county has different turnaround times based on the access method. Some counties provide instant access through a secure online portal while others actually require a runner to walk into the courthouse and drop off lists of names. Factors such as name commonality and whether there are possible records identified also impact the turnaround time of criminal searches. This is why we created I.D. Verify Analytics. I.D. Verify Analytics breaks down all of the applicant attributes and the search components to give you an estimated turnaround time for “Hit” and “Clear” records returned for your specific case.

How do you conduct criminal background checks?

We use the same network of court runners and automated access methods as the major background screening vendors. What sets us apart is I.D. Verify Analytics.  I.D. Verify Analytics tell us at the start of a screen if an applicant has an address in a challenging county for criminal searches. This allows their I.D. Verify team member to immediately advise the court runner to prioritize that screen (versus a status follow-up call three to five days later) and the Scout then checks in daily with the court runner to ensure the search is completed as quickly as possible.

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